Each month you’ll have receive delicious kombucha from a menu of rotating and seasonal flavors.

Choose between a Full Share and Half Share of Kombucha (a 20 week supply)

Half Share: Receive between 64oz-72oz of kombucha every other week (in cans or 32oz growlettes)

Full Share: Choose between a variety of sizes including 32oz/64oz of bottled kombucha (in reusable growlers) and a 6 pack of 12oz cans of delicious kombucha.

Kombucha Shares can be picked-up every other week in Multnomah Village, Cully or in the Hollywood District. We are also including the option to receive a share of sourdough bread “Baked By Sara” when you sign up with us!

With your membership you will also receive:

*A complimentary free growlette of kombucha on your birthday

*10% off any kombucha keg, merchandise or additional 64oz growler you purchase

Winter Membership begins November 14th