We believe you get to vote with your money. We vote with ours by supporting farms and businesses we stand behind. These include organic, fair trade, non-profit and local businesses here in Portland, Oregon.  Our value is low waste and driving community engagement. We are dedicated to composting, recycling and getting involved in our city. Golden Age won’t be found in mass manufactured retailers or grocery stores.  BUT, we do look forward to sharing our growler subscription program with you this year. Visit our Square site https://goldenagekombucha.square.site

Our Story:

Valerie and Paul Castoral started Golden Age Kombucha in 2018 after spending years making kombucha and giving it away. In 2013, Val began brewing in her apartment in Southeast Portland after a friend gave her a kombucha culture (Scoby). She drove 1000 miles from So-Cal to Portland, Oregon with the scoby in a mason jar under the seat of her car. At the time she was clueless about what kombucha was, or even what it tasted like, but once she began brewing, she was hooked.

The impact that kombucha had on her life was tremendous and she began to consider it less of a drink and more of a confidant; offering her trusted friend, kombucha, to loved ones who’s gut floras were suffering.  Val also found kombucha’s billions  of microbes beneficial in her own struggles with anxiety and trichotillomania.

When Val met Paul in 2016, he strongly encouraged her to keep going with her brewing and they began working as a team on DIY projects. Paul adds true craftsmanship and heart to Golden Age Kombucha. He is the logistics analyst, co-brewer and the fabricator making Golden Age Kombucha visually stand out.

Golden Age Kombucha is only the starting point for Cultured Manifestations LLC. There is much much more to come and we’re looking forward to sharing this adventure with you!


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